Thursday Thoughts

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GitHub Acquires npm

Last week GitHub announced that they would be acquiring the JavaScript package manager npm. GitHub stated that they would focus on the infrastructure, core experience, and engaging with the npm community. Additionally, GitHub will look to integrate npm into their services and structure.

Why Distributed Teams Are the Future of Workforce

A recent blog post by Taskade discussed why distributed teams are the future of the workforce. The post discusses benefits and how to build distributed teams. With the current COVID-19 pandemic many companies have been forced into a distributed workplace and are looking for ways to improve virtual work now and in the future.

Bootstrap 5 Icons vs Font Awesome

Themesberg released a blog post comparing Font Awesome and Bootstrap 5 Icons, which will be available when Bootstrap 5 is released later this spring. Currently, the Bootstrap icons are open source SVGs that can be added on an individual basis to your website. While not as easy to use as Font Awesome this does have the benefit of a smaller file size because the entire library does not need to be included.

How to Manage Freelance Finances in a Crisis

Webdesigner Depot posted about how to manage freelance finances during a crisis. With the current uncertainty around what the coming weeks or months will look like it is important to put your business on the best footing possible. Some tips include contacting clients, cutting expenses, and looking for ways to supplement your income.