Monday Medley

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No IE Support in Bootstrap 5

A recent Themesberg post discussed Bootstrap 5, which will be released later this spring, and how it will not support Internet Explorer 10 or 11. This decision is being made in the web community more often with many large companies already dropping support for IE. Despite the lowering usage Microsoft will continue to support IE 11 through 2025.

Dribbble Website Redesign

Dribbble, a social networking platform for designers and creatives, recently rolled out a new website design. This is the first redesign for the Dribbble website in ten years and strives to showcase the designers more. Included in the redesign is updated profiles, new collections and a new curator profile.

New CSS Media Queries

Logrocket released a post a few weeks back about the forthcoming new CSS media queries. Some of the new media queries include light level, preference-based queries, and even custom media queries. These new media queries are still in spec, so some are available while others are still being worked on.

Leading a Remote Team

Mark Boulton recently wrote about leading a remote team, giving tips for leaders that are new to working remotely. Information like this is becoming increasingly important as teams are currently being forced into remote work longer than originally thought. Learn about creating rituals, asynchronous communication, and prioritizing your people.