Wednesday Wisdom

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Local Development with Docker

Ever want to learn how to use Docker for front-end web development? A recent post by nystudio107 detailed how to implement Docker from start to finish. The thorough post expands on every aspect of utilizing containers to optimize your web development process.

Internal Search

Internal search is a key component to any website with a lot of pages. Tubik posted about creating an effective user experience for your internal search. Tips included ensuring visibility, clear functionality, and displaying relevant content.

Web Development Checklists

There are a countless number of tasks during the web development process, from development to launch and everything in between. Luckily, SitePoint has put together a massive set of checklists for all aspects of a web development project. With over 30 checklists the comprehensive post is a huge asset to freelancers and agencies alike.

Design Systems

Design systems are an integral foundation to a successful web project. They create consistent and reliable components that can have a wide variety of use cases. For some great examples and cases studies check out, which is run by Figma. They even have a case study of their own design system.