Thursday Thoughts



Wifeframing is a very important process to any design or development project as it can save time and help visualize a product. UserGuiding released a post outlining what wireframing is, specific methods, and how to implement it in the design and development process. Save time on your next project by wireframing first.

New Dribbble Profile Features

We recently talked about the release of Dribbble’s first redesign in a decade. The social network for designers posted today about how to make the most of your new profile. The post discusses how to utilize new features like the intro text and header image to create a unique and interesting profile.

BEM Cheatsheets

The BEM, or Block Element Modifier, methodology is a way to write reusable CSS components that are easier to read and understand. Used by many large firms, BEM can have a bit of a learning curve to it which is why 9Elements created a BEM cheatsheet that covers many use cases to help you get started.