Monday Medley

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Web Development Tools

freeCodeCamp posted today about the top 10 web development tools that every programmer should know. Topping off the list were VSCode, Webpack, and Cyprus. Check out the list over on freeCodeCamp’s blog to see which tools you’ve checked off your list.

Flexbox or CSS Grid

Flexbox and CSS Grid are two great systems for laying out elements on your website. But sometimes it can be difficult to determine which one to use in a particular scenario. Luckily, LogRocket just posted a complete guide on their blog with tips and strategies for utilizing each system to their full potential.

Quarantine UX

Fast Company posted an interesting article last week on how COVID-19 has changed user experience. Most notably the article discussed how delivery services can’t keep up with demand and the resurgence of marginal products. This begs the question: does our user experience need to shift to accommodate the rapidly changing environment?