Wednesday Wisdom

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W3C Website Redesign

W3C, or the World-Wide Web Consortium, is the main international standards organization for the internet. Today they announced that they would be starting the process of a much needed website redesign. W3C will be using Studio 24 to work on the redesign and will be keeping as much of the process in the public eye.

When to Use a Microsite published a post this week detailing when it makes sense to use a microsite. Microsites are small off-shoots of a main site that serve a separate but related purpose, perhaps as a marketing campaign. However, it does not always make sense to create one, such as when you consider the SEO effect of using a separate domain.

Converting Your Store to Online

We are currently seeing the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially on retail. Stores who made most of their sales in a physical location are taking the biggest hit. In response, Shopify released an extensive blog post today regarding tips to convert your store to an online shop to help.