Monday Medley

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No Media Query Responsive Layouts

CSS-Tricks published a post today titled Thinking in Behaviors, Not Screen Sizes. The main point of the post is that in modern web development we should think beyond breakpoints for a more fluid layout. The post goes on to describe how to use CSS Grid to achieve a responsive website with no media queries.

Onboarding a Junior Developer

A recent post on the DEV community discussed how to onboard a junior developer. The post gives actionable examples of integrating your new hire into the team and practices established by the company. Some of the tips include teaching the company’s Git process, learning their style, and always being available for questions.

Open-Source Fonts

WIRED published an article last month about open-source fonts and why they are becoming more popular. The open-source font Raleway, for example, has grown to 9 font weights and is one of the most popular options on Google Fonts. This has also led to variable fonts which are gaining more publicity in the web developer community.