Wednesday Wisdom


Free GitHub Team Accounts

Yesterday GitHub announced they were making core features free for team accounts. Previously team accounts could not have private repositories without having a paid account. Essentially, the team accounts will function like regular accounts, but with more options to collaborate. Paid team plans are still available with additional features but the price has dropped from $9 to $4 per user.

New Firefox 75 Developer Features

Firefox 75 was released on April 7th and it brought several new features for developers. The developer tools received some updates, such as resizing the measurement tool, locating elements with XPath expressions, and filtering WebSocket messages using regular expressions. Additional support and implementations were added to the HTML, CSS, Accessibility, JavaScript, and API sections.

Shopify’s App Challenge

Today Shopify announced a new initiative called the Shopify App Challenge: Commerce and COVID-19. As the name suggests, this challenge is for Shopify app developers to build apps that help merchants during the current pandemic. Winning apps can win up to $20,000, $1,000 in Shopify ad credits, a featured spot in the app store, and mentorship from the Shopify product and engineering team.