Thursday Thoughts

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Improve Your Website in 2020

Treehouse published an article today titled 5 Ways to Improve Your Website in 2020. The post outlines common issues that people have with websites and how to address them. Some common issues include difficulty navigating the site, poor search results, and slow load time. The solutions provide tried and true results that can help with any website.

Thinking in Design Systems

Relate recently posted a new segment to their Thinking in Design Systems series. This post involved the colors of a design system and outlined the various steps and considerations involved. Some of the key topics were creating your essential color palette, naming your colors and theming.

Improving Website Readability

A recent post on Shakuro outlined five ways to improve website readability. The post goes in depth on readability which most website owners don’t consider when evaluating their website. Tips include concentrating on typography, using white space, and color contrast.