Monday Medley


Most Appreciated Web Solutions of 2020

Web Designer Depot recently posted a list of 47 most appreciated web solutions of 2020. The list ranges across many areas of web design, including WordPress tools, logo creators, and other web development services. Check out the list for some services you have seen and new ones you can add to your tool belt.

Bootstrap Alternatives

Bootstrap has been an industry-standard framework to make it easier to develop modern responsive websites. However, Bootstrap has opened the door for a long list of alternative frameworks, each with their own merits. A recent post on the DEV community highlights five alternatives to Bootstrap, including Tailwind CSS, a personal favorite of ours.

Becoming a Full-Stack Developer without a Degree

A post on the DEV community on Saturday gives a great list to help become a full-stack developer without a degree. The list includes tangibles like "one big project" as well as soft skills like personality and drive. It is a great start for new developers looking for some guidance on getting to the next step.