Wednesday Wisdom


WordPress Auto-Updates

With the recent release of WordPress 5.5, an auto-update feature was added for plugins and themes. This goes along with the auto-update feature for WordPress Core that was recently added. Allowing your WordPress site to update your themes or plugins can have pros and cons, which are highlighted in a recent post on Luckily, you can choose to toggle this feature on a per theme or plugin basis.

10 Online Design Tools

Yesterday, Dribbble posted a list titled 10 online design tools you never knew you needed. The list includes many great online tools like a brand book creator, a free screen recorder, and a sub-list of Chrome extensions. The next time you are starting a project, check out some of these awesome design tools!

React vs Angular

Yesterday, SitePoint posted a phenomenal in-depth article comparing Facebook's React framework to Google's Angular. The post compares and contrasts their features, ecosystems, and more. It is a great read for developers of all skill sets with these frameworks and is a good read to decide which framework works best for you.