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Landing Page Design

Landing pages are still an important promotional tool for many modern businesses. They allow a company or individual to promote a product, email list, or other services in a small and concise package. They are the perfect place to drive marketing campaigns and advertisements with a tailored page specifically designed for those leads. However, there is an art to designing these pages, and a post yesterday from Line25 lists things to avoid when creating the perfect landing page.

Having a High-Quality Website in 2020

Website design and development is constantly changing and evolving, which is why it is important to keep your skills and your website up to date. On Wednesday, a post on Torque, a publication by WPEngine, highlighted key elements for a high-quality website in 2020. Topics included ease of use, fast loading, and accessibility and are a great point of reference to assess anyone's website.

Getting More Newsletter Sign-Ups

While mailing lists may seem outdated they still rank as one of the best content marketing tactics with some of the highest engagement rates. But it isn't as easy as it sounds to build a massive email list, especially in 2020 when every website seems to have one. shared a post on Monday outlining 5 techniques to get more newsletter sign-ups, which goes into detail on specific actions you can take, such as creating a compelling offer and properly utilizing a thank-you page.