Monday Medley


Open-Source for Beginners

One of the greatest parts of being a developer is using and participating in open-source projects. But it can seem intimidating for first-time developers to jump into a project. A post yesterday on the DEV community goes through how to contribute to an open-source project for beginners. It outlines some basic skills you might need to get started and some initial ideas for how to contribute.

Bootstrap Icons

On Friday, Bootstrap released the first stable version of its custom icons. With over 1,100 icons in the initial release, you are bound to find the icon you are looking for. The icons are SVG-based, which makes them very versatile in their utility. Read more about Bootstrap icons from the release notes and the documentation.

Using Frontity for Headless WordPress

Frontity allows for a headless version of WordPress with a React front-end. This means that you can manage your website content in WordPress and utilize the API functionality to create the front-end using a modern front-end framework and features. On Friday, LogRocket posted about getting started with Frontity, which walks through the process of setting up a website with Frontity. For those who love to use WordPress and build React websites, it is the perfect combination.