Thursday Thoughts


Starting a Freelance Business

Starting a freelance business is the dream for many web designers and developers. Making your own schedule and working from anywhere are some of the benefits but there are also many cons to consider. Before you quit your full-time job and dive right in, read through Sunday's post from Pixel77 about things to consider when creating a freelance business and actionable steps to start with.

Finding Freelance Clients

So, you've started a freelance business, now comes the important part: getting clients. Before you start, take a look at the post from earlier this month on that gives several suggestions on how to earn new clients for your business. They vary from proposals to content marketing to referrals and give methods for succeeding at each.

Habits of Successful Freelancers

Now that you have your business and you are getting clients, how do you maintain and grow your business? The key is creating habits to make your business life consistent and run smoothly. There are several habits you can adopt, many of which are outlined in yesterday's post on Dribbble, including setting up systems and marketing daily.