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Landing Pages that Convert

Landing pages can make or break a product sale or other intended call-to-action. It can be difficult to create a landing page that boils down your product or service into a quick and easily consumable page. Yesterday, Dribbble posted about how to design a landing page that converts which offers several helpful tips on designing phenomenal landing pages. Tips include removing the main navigation, using shorter forms, and more.

Scaffolding Web Development Tools

Many of us as web developers are constantly coming up with ideas and creating new repositories for them. But we want to get right in and starting coding our idea, and the last thing we want to do is take a long time setting up the basic elements of a new project. On Wednesday, SitePoint posted about 10 scaffolding web development tools to start new projects faster. The list includes Meteor, Sails, Svelte, and more, giving a great place to start for any developer.

Design Systems

Design systems help maintain consistency and brand presence across an organization. They take a lot of time and effort to create and maintain, but they are well worth the result of a elite-looking company. Toptal recently posted a guide to design system models that includes use case and principles to remember when creating a design system for your organization.