Monday Medley

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Reactathon 2020

Reactathon is typically a conference that takes place in San Francisco every March and involves technical talks and workshops centered around React. This year the conference has gone completely online and starts today through Wednesday. Tickets are available on the Reactathon website, but freeCodeCamp will also be livestreaming the entire conference for free on their YouTube channel. If you are a React developer or just interested in React, this is one of the biggest conferences of the year.

Helping Clients with a Website Content Strategy

As website designers and developers there is an aspect of the process that most of us lack experience in: website content. Our clients are not typically writers and neither are we, so how do we solve this problem? Speckyboy posted an article today outlining how to help clients with their website content strategy. The post gives suggestions like focusing on the most important details and promoting ease of use as strategies to help both you and your client.

Questions to Ask as an Interviewee

Interviews are a challenging but necessary part of any profession. However, it is important to remember that they are not just a one-sided affair: you should be asking questions to the interviewer as well. A very thorough post on the DEV community yesterday broke down some reverse interview questions for software engineers. With questions from categories like the company's technology stack, career paths, and more, this post is a perfect guide to read through before any interview.