Monday Medley


Success as a Creative in 2021

Last year changed the game for most designers as we had to find new ways to be collaborative, adaptive, and productive in a different environment. Hopefully, 2021 brings better predictability, but regardless it is important to stay up to date with trends and learn new skills. The latest post on Dribbble's blog outlines how to get ahead as a digital creative in 2021. With tips like learn to work with new tools and work on your management skills, it is a great overall guide to get your professional career started off right this year.

Chrome 88

As of last Tuesday, version 88 of the Chrome browser has begun to roll out to the stable release. This version brings some great new features for developers such as manifest v3 for Chrome extensions and the aspect-ratio CSS property for any element. There are tons of new features, bug fixes, deprecations, and more to read about, so check out the release post on the Chrome Developer blog.

Performant Animations and Micro-Interactions

There's no doubt about it, animations give your website that next-level, polished look. But there is a fine line between tasteful animations that enhance the experience and animation for animation's sake. Luckily, Logrocket is here to help with a recent post from their blog that explains how to design highly performant animations and micro-interactions. This highly detailed guide breaks down the importance of performance on website speed and accessibility through actionable examples, like trying to stick to the composition properties transform and opacity.