Thursday Thoughts

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Getting Your First Dev Job

When starting off as a web developer it can be difficult to juggle learning and job searching. Therefore, it is important to know what potential employers are looking for to ensure you are prioritizing the right tasks and opportunities. A recent post on freeCodeCamp gives a handful of tips from a hiring manager's perspective of what they look for when reviewing developer résumés. One of the key factors is regular commits on Github, which shows that you are just as passionate about coding as you claim to be.

What You Should Do as a Junior Developer

Starting your career as a junior developer is very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. A post on Hello Dev World from last week outlines some things you can do to improve as a junior developer. This includes asking questions, finding a mentor, and learning to debug. Remember, these first few years are all about learning and growing as a developer, so don't stress!

Helping Developers Be Leaders

As a manager of a development team, it is important to help developers that aspire to be a leader to do so. Fostering an environment that allows career growth for these developers can be done with a bit of effort on your end. Monday's post on The Next Web gives some helpful insights on how to help developers be leaders. By providing opportunities, openly communicating, and more you can help boost your developers to the next level.