Thursday Thoughts

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Google Bans Zoom

Buzzfeed News published a post discussing how Google has banned the use of the popular video conferencing app Zoom for their employees. Zoom has quickly gained traction in the video conferencing market due to the rise in people working from home. Due to the increased traffic, it has been revealed that Zoom’s security has some holes in it. Therefore, Google is banning access to Zoom on all company-issued computers.

Targeted Advertising

Paul Jarvis published a post yesterday on the Fathom Analytics blog discussing the need to ban targeted advertising. Jarvis goes into detail about how top companies like Google and Facebook are making a killing in marketing revenue by buying and selling user data. This topic has been heavily debated in the past few years with several large court cases related to the topic. So, what are your thoughts? Should the companies be allowed to monetize the data we provide or should we go about the difficult task of locking everything down in a digital society?

Choosing a Domain Name

Squarespace published an article today outlining how to choose a domain name. With many common domain names being purchased it can be hard to find the right domain name for yourself or your business. The post outlines some basics of choosing a domain name, including TLDs like .com or .org. What is your strategy for coming up with the perfect domain name?