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Building a Portfolio for Your Dream Job

A web design portfolio can be one of the most difficult things to create. It can be hard to think up new ideas and projects to build from scratch. Yesterday, The Next Web posted several suggestions to help create a great portfolio to land your dream job, including designing a WordPress theme and creating a UI toolkit. These are the perfect starting points to build the perfect portfolio.

Successful Telecommuting

Telecommuting has become one of the most popular ways to work, whether it was forced upon us or not. While it seems to be here to stay, and certainly in a bigger way into the future, it certainly can be difficult for people who are not used to it. Noupe posted an extensive guide to successful teleworking that is definitely worth the read. Learn about advantages, disadvantages, and best practices for effective telecommuting.

Free Courses for Web Designers

As web designers and developers it is important to continue to learn in this industry that is continually changing and evolving around us. However, it can be difficult to find the time and the resources to do so. Webdesigner Depot posted a list of great free resources to help learn new skills and stay up-to-date, including edX and Envato.