Thursday Thoughts


Improving App Support

Without a doubt, when you think of a company you love, one of the key components is most likely a great support team. For me, the way a company handles a support request can make or break my opinion of the company. Luckily, Shopify brought together a panel of experts to give their opinions on how to improve support for your application. Tips range from automation to product ownership and can greatly assist coming into the end of the year.

Website Considerations for Blind People

Many website users have disabilities or impairments that limit the way they interact with a website and it is important to consider as many of these use cases as possible. One such case is accessibility for blind users. A post yesterday on the DEV community listed 5 annoying website features for blind people, which include image descriptions, heading structure, and more. Check it out and make sure to consider these issues when building your next project.

Tools for Website Accessibility

To continue on the accessibility route, there are many components of website design that us as developers only see through our lens. This is why it is important to research accessibility and solutions, but it can be hard to sift through all the information. Another post yesterday on the DEV community outlined some more considerations for web accessibility and also some tools to help. Make sure to add some of these tools to your design and development workflow if you haven't already.